Cambridge Audio Minx Xi and Aero2 Speakers Reviewed



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The new Minx Xi Digital Music System from Cambridge Audio is a hopped up high-end streaming media player that will let you play just about any music source imaginable. It's built on Cambridge Audio's popular NP30 platform and shares a lot of the same controls and features, but it adds a 40W stereo amplifier to make this a small integrated amplifier on steroids. Integrated amp, network music streaming device...the terminology is tough because it does almost everything. I think we'll stick to what Cambridge recommends and call it a Digital Music System.

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I was pretty curious to see if anyone had heard the Aero speakers yet after seeing them on their site. Seems like a good concept to lower the x-over point, but wasn't sure how they'd actually sound and this sort of confirms what I was expecting. Interesting that they lean toward bright as opposed to soft, since it was supposed to be a more diffused sound.

Interesting to see that though pretty expensive, the Xi does seem to have a lot of nice features too. The simple fact that it has a sub out is pretty cool. It has a bit of a "utilitarian" look to it though.
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