Calm Radio membership WARNING !!



Hi, I have a 5 year membership with Calm Radio, a Canadian based Internet Radio company that streams high quality Radio stations.
If you do not take a membership you get ad's, if you take a membership starting from 1 year you get ad free listening.
No problem, all works fine, but when I wanted to change my membership from 5 years to 1 due to personal circumstances, the problems start.

They agreed to a refund but later claim they can not do this:

In your case I've been able to secure a refund for the balance of your subscription term. You will be charged for one year (€99.99) and will receive a credit for the remainder. You will have access to enjoy Calm Radio until July 8, 2021.
If this sounds good, please confirm and I'll go ahead and process the adjustment.

All seems ok, but then it starts:

Unfortunately we tried to perform the refund however PayPal has notified us that they're unable to process the refund as it's over 6 months old.
You could check with them but I'm not sure if there's anything that we can do at this point.

Because this refund can not be done like they want (the Calm Radio refund protocol) and they blame Paypal !!
I called Paypal and they say that indeed after 6 month the Paypal buyer protectction is not active any more and the seller of the product (Calm Radio) can make an refund by paying direct to the customers PayPal account, and this is what Calm Radio is not willing to do !

Here 2 parts out of the Calm Radio "Pricing FAQ":

1) What can I expect from your support?
Among the many excellent things about Calm Radio, is our support team. We are fast, helpful, friendly and very human.

2) Of course, you can cancel at any time. No questions asked. (Although it would be great to know why... that would help us improve). To cancel, you can easily visit the My Account menu and cancel from there.

1) they must delete the "very human" part, they are not.
2) they must delete the "you can cancel at any time" part, because they will not.

So be warned, my advice is do not start a membership with Calm Radio, stay with the free channels with ad's and forget a membership, Calm Radio will cheat you out of your money when they can and keep your membership active.

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