Cable for 150ft run from device to amp



I am looking for advice on the best way to connect some devices to my home amp, Sherbourn LDS 12/900. Both devies are in my backyard and the amp is in my basement 50ft away from one device, an Amazon echo device, and 150ft aaway from the other, a movie projector. I am currently using a 3.5mm cable to the echo and then an extension cable to the projector and hte sound is ok for the echo but not so great fro the projector, there is a hum and the volume is pretty poor. Is there a better cable I could use or is bluetooth the only real option? Moving the amp would only get me 25ft.


Audioholic Warlord
Considering the limited range of Bluetooth, I wouldn't consider that a viable option either, then you still have audio latency you are adding. The second best solution, IMO, is a unbalanced to balanced audio converter pair. This will help eliminate any noise in the system.

For the Echo, it is better to have a local unit in, by the amplifier, and you can tell one Echo to play something on the other Echo. This keeps your cable runs to a minimum.

For the projector, I would use digital audio the entire distance, then throw a DAC right at the amplifier to ensure low noise in the system.


Audioholic Chief
Yes an XLR balanced interconnect system is a good solution.
Note that the 'unbalanced to balanced audio converters' need to be powered or transformer units.

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