<font color='#000000'>I have a bass mangement system on my receiver, but I need to know the frequency response of my speakers to set it up correctly. &nbsp;Unfortunately, booze does not post there frequency response. &nbsp;Can someone tell me how i can get/compute the frequency response of the booze speakers? &nbsp;And yes I know booze is more hype than quality but I'm using these as surrounds with infinitys up front. &nbsp;Thanks in advance. Paul.</font>


Senior Audioholic
<font color='#000000'>I forgot the name of the disc, but there used to be a test disc that had a reference card with it.

On that disc you would go to the 20khz to 20hz sinze wave, and watch the time on the CD player. &nbsp;Once you find the spots where the sound is reasonably audible and where it stops being so, look at the card, and it had the frequencies that were covered in those spots.

I think the disc was 40-50 bucks if memory serves me right.</font>
<font color='#008080'>You could also hook up the speakers to your computer and use a freeware tone generator and an SPL meter to do a 'gorilla check' of the rough frequency response.

Note the dips...</font>

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