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How can I improve my alexa streaming quality and still keep bluetooth connectivity for outdoor movie playing. I am not happy with my current setup and find my current BT connection loses alot of quality. When I connected the Alexa Dot directly to the receiver (via 3.5 aux jack) it sounded much better. The problem is that all audio must then be by that jack and that does not work for us as we are not always on that source with the receiver.

My current setup is:
Denon AVR A100
BT Receiver (
Amazon Echo Dot Gen 2
Zone 2 (two outdoor speakers) Z2 is used for outdoor music and outdoor movies

For Movie Playing:
Connect laptop Thunderbolt to projector and laptop BT to BT_Receiver. For what we have, it works great.

For Alexa Streaming
Alexa to BT_Receiver (4.0) to Receiver via Analog connection


Option 1: Upgrade BT Device
My first thought was to upgrade my BT receiver to a 5.0 version with Digital output. I believe this would allow my Receiver's DAC instead of the BT device. But I don't know if I will still lose noticeable quality because of the BT? I was looking at these:


But this means that my Alexa device is still connected to the receiver via BT. I am not sure if this will sound that much better. Thoughts?

Option 2: Replace BT with Echo Link
My other thought was to try the Echo Link ( Echo Link - Stream hi-fi music to your stereo system: Amazon Devices) but this seems fairly expensive. With this I could stream music directly from the internet over the digital output into the receiver. It also has a bluetooth connection so I could connect to it from outside for family movies. What I am not sure is that it claims to "Sample rates of 44.1, 48.0, 88.2, 96.0, and 192.0 kHz are supported over optical and coaxial digital inputs. Maximum output over optical and coaxial digital is 48 kHz.". For $200 that seems fairly low quality. Right? I am not sure when newer models come out so I am not sure if a newer model is slated for this year.

Any thoughts or insights would be greatly appreciated!


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I much prefer wifi connectivity at home over bluetooth, plus it is inherently higher quality than BT. What are you streaming from particularly, a phone? BT is limited by the transmitter's BT capabilities. I use Audio Chromecast units to update my older gear that doesn't have wifi capabilities of their own, still available for about $50 each on ebay.


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We do Amazon Music mostly. For movies outside i just do my Macbook Pro


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I hope the Firestick 4K gets a refresh this year. Maybe the other Amazon streamers will too.


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I ended going with the BT 5.0 for the first go. Major difference over my previous BT model. I have analog and digital out hooked up so i can toggle between inputs on my receiver to compare the DACs. For default I use my receiver which is performing very well. Will wait a little longer for the Amazon Link to see if an update comes this year.

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