Best way to connect Yamaha Mixer MG10XU and two JBL EON ONE and Polk sub PSW505?



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Hello, I want to setup a Karaoke system which consist from YAM mixer MG10xu, two JBL EON ONE and Polk Woofer PSW 505.

Here is what I am thinking:

From Yam mixer, XLR left output to rca into left input of 1st JBL; then XLR right ouput to RCA into right input of the 2nd JBL. This will produce stereo speaker setting, correct?

Other option is to connect XLR left/right to 1st JBL, and then daisy chain 1st JBL to 2nd JBL. However I am not sure the daisy chain between two JBL would truely consider stereo setting.

I am still not sure how to hook up the Subwoofer yet. How do i connect the sub to the Yamaha Mixer?

Please advise.


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The best way to connect the speakers is XLR out from the Yamaha to one of the XLR inputs on the JBL (channel 1 or 2, doesn’t matter). One for the left speaker, one for the right.

Don’t know why you need the Polk sub since the JBLs have their own subs, but your best bet there will be to use one of the Yamaha’s Monitor outputs to the Polk (1/4” to RCA cable). You will have to control the sub volume separate from the JBL’s.

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