Best recording of a Western Guitar ever? Please post a better sounding recording, if you can find one!



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This recording is superb. I don't recall having ever heard a better sounding recording of a guitar. Please post a better sounding recording, if you can find one!

link; Tim Langedijk & Paul Berner - Down To The Downtown, a One Mic recording.
''It’s music distilled to its essence, created with minimal means an embodiment of excellence through restraint. And the sound…..recorded by sound wizard Frans de Rond with just one 3-capsule stereo microphone, ensuring that the purity and clarity of these two master musicians' music resonates deeply with the listener. A recording with full phase coherence, perfect imaging, a wide and deep soundstage, and superior realism."Tim plays a Gibson J-45 built in 1954.''
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I'll put it in the queue....

Without listening the one to beat that comes to mind is A Friday Night in San Francisco by Paco DeLucia, John McLaughlin and Al Di Meola....but some others are percolating up too...Michael Hedges comes to mind, too.

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