Rock&Roll Ninja

Rock&Roll Ninja

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Just remember that there has yet to be, and likely never will be a DVD that is completely free of any video belmishes or artifacts.

Once you know that there is no "100% perfect" DVD you can have your choice of any of hundreds of well mastered DVDs to use for Demo material.

I'm partial to the japanese DTS release of Akira, Kill Bill (both volumes), the extended editions of the Lord of the Rings films, and the Matrix trilogy. :cool: I've also been known to demo the first and last fightscenes of the french werewolf/action/historical/martial arts movie Brotherhood of the Wolf to people who wanted to see something different.


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A few of my favorites;

A Bugs Life (great audio)
Saving Private Ryan (picture and audio)
LoTR Return of The King (yes, a HT punisher is right!)
Star Wars I and II

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