Best cheap amp to pair with Sony SSCS5 bookshelf speakers?



Hi Folks,

What are your top reccos for small form factor, cheap bluetooth amps to pair with the Sony SSCS5 speakers? Would 50w x2 be enough power? i'm thinking 100Wx2 would do these speakers more justice, but not sure. Want to get my oldest son a decent value starter hifi setup that takes up minimal space. Looking at the Fosi series of 2.1 channel BT amps in case he wants to add a small sub later. Thanks guys and happy Thanksgiving!

Mike Up

The Cheap Audio Man on youtube really likes those speakers but they can be a bit bright sounding he says, so maybe turning the treble down a couple of dbs would sound best. Up to you.

The Denon AVR-S540BT is only $279 from Denon directly. That's a nice receiver for cheap. Or at Costco, you can get the newer feature rich AVR-S760H for $400, normally $600 everywhere else. The new AVR-S570BT is a step down but not availabe at Costco. It's the newer version of the S540BT with 8K and upgraded speaker posts. It's $400 from Denon directly as well. The AVR-S760H is a much better receiver and buy!

Yamaha doesn't have much selection now a days, and I just tried Onkyos newest and was disappointed so it went back for a Denon AVR-S960H. I have a Denon AVR-2312ci (equivalent to a AVR-X3800H but with 7.1 ch) in my media room but it's only 1080p with no HDR pass through so the S960H is a step up in more current formats and compatibilities.

IMO, either the Denon AVR-S540BT @ $279 or Denon AVR-S760H @ $399.

Good luck


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If you want a cheap one that can sound as good as the more expensive one such as 2 to 3X or more, look to those made in China ones (not the parts, just assembled in China) such as S.M.S.L.'s: : smsl amplifer

Whatever Watts they advertised, if you look at the detailed specs you will find that for them to be at very low distortions levels, the output would be about half, or a little more. I just bought one for less than USD100 mini desktop amp to drive my sub that had it's original plate amp failed twice, and so far I am happy with this little mono amp, that hopefully will last longer.


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In addition to SMSL, if you want small form factor Aiyima makes some good amps as well that include bluetooth support and use class-D amps. The D05 is 120W/ch into 4ohms and around $170.

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