Behind the Scenes: Field Effects Recording Part 1

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Everyone enjoys going to a good movie and hearing the incredible sound that eminates from the big screen. But few understand where those sounds come from and what goes into making feature films sound the way they do. Indeed, it usually comes as a surprise to even the most sophisticated of moviegoers that the sound effects in the films they watch are usually recreated and added after the film has been shot (you mean they didn't just record that explosion?)

Part one of this article by Toby D. takes you behind the scenes into the work of a Field Effects Recordist and fills you in on some of the work that goes into making the feature films we all love to watch (and listen to). For much of Hollywood, the more unique the film, the greater the effort that is put into coming up with authentic and effective sounds that bring out the realism Producers, Directors, and Supervisors are looking for.

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