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Was hoping somebody on here had some experience with using them to share whether they are worth picking up and to answer questions because I really no jack squat about these things.

I have an Emotiva 2 channel amp just sitting in the closet. Wasn’t sure if I should buy a bundle that comes with an amp or just buy the shakers and use the amp I already have? I also am unsure if they are just kinda plug and play or if they will require a lot of tuning to match them up with the subs? Plus with having 2 subs already do I split those 2 subs off of one sub input on my AVR and add the shaker to the other. Or split the shaker with one of the subs? Can I still reliably use Audyssey? Or do I need a mini dsp?

I am watching some videos to try and figure it all out as I post this. I appreciate the responses.
I can't remember which brand I bought, but they were fairly cheap and came with their own amp. They worked really well and added a certain sense of realism to watching movies, but the fan on the amp was very loud and distracting, so I stopped using them. I also had an extra receiver lying around at the time, but unless somebody can tell me how to do, you would almost need two receivers, one to separate out the bass signal, and one to amplify the signal. Although, could feed the sub preouts back into an 2 channel input and do it that way? Maybe there is a way, it just got more complicated than what it was worth, but it was pretty cool when I did have them attached to the couch.
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Jeff Schmidt

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So since my BOSS platform plans are on hold until the price comes down on the drivers...I transplanted my SVS SB2000 Pro from my bedroom setup to right behind my mlp. I did a near field test run some years back when I had a few junky subs and liked it, but now with 2 HSU VTF 15’s in the front and the SB 2000 right behind me. Whoa! It’s definitely a new experience.


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I haven't used them personally, but have heard nothing but good statements from those who have. Especially those who can't crank the volume at night. They often turn off their in-room subwoofer and just use the bass transducers and marvel at the effect they deliver.

I fully intend to use them when I build up my theater. It seems like a no-brainer if the budget allows for it.


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Any thoughts on bass shakers?

I’m considering getting some kind of bass shakers for my home theater, but not sure which ones would be best or if they’re worth it.

I have a large sectional couch and while it would be cool to get one for each individual seat I’m thinking just one for each seat my Wife and I sit in would be a good start.

Looking for advice on which bass shakers to get and amp to go with them. Also will I need anything else to ensure they will work seamlessly with my subs(HSU VTF15H mk2) and Denon AVR X8500H using multi eq app? Mini dsp etc?

As always thanks in advance for the help.
I’m a little late to the party but I have bass shakers in my hometheater seating and they work very well. I bought 4 from parts express which at the time comes with its own amp. And they are not expensive. Don’t be fooled like my home town home theater store they tried to sell me 4 bass shakers and some monster amp for over a grand lol

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I have 4 of the Aura 50w in my sectional. They are amazing! They honestly add life to everything - movies blow up stuff better, music is way more immersive (and I have a pretty decent bass setup without them - an SVS 3000 and some big towers).
The only caveat is that you need good/easy control over them - when set where I like them at med volumes, they are way too much at higher volumes. Fortunately the Denon 3600 I got this spring has dual subwoofer controls.
I was worried that 1) the couch would rattle (it's a recliner with a lot of metal arms, etc) and 2) that they wouldn't really be noticeable or effective. Both were unfounded.
Honestly get them - $400ish all in for 4 shakers and a plate amp and it's awesome. Everyone comments on how cool they are.

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