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I just left AXPONA an hour ago and came across this room 478

  • Kudos to the person who let me take their picture in the room
  • I was really skeptical, but this thing really does work, I wouldn't say it's equivalent to the $100,000 audio room they claim, but non the less, it sounded pretty damn good being powered only by a pair of JBL MKII Powered speakers

It is essentially a portable mini room that is set up with their patented pure acoustic technology, which is supposed to fix all the the sound issues plagued by normal listening rooms.

I really thought this was going to be total junk, but their claim is pretty spot on.

- In a rather small listening area, it presented an incredible immersive 3D Soundstage.
- I heard everything from Pink Floyd's Time to birds chirping in the area, and there is an incredible immersive 3D sound response generated in a very small area with a pair of low cost powered speakers.

They claim its great for listening to music, movies, and for gamers. While I don't fully agree, there is no doubt their technology works

- It looks easy to set up and break down and does not take up a lot of space,. All the important markers are on the lower mat, and red dots for the ideal listening area that you should have your head placed

- I could see the benefits for music and movies mostly, but it has one rather dramatic downfall. The "sweet spot" listening area is rather small, so if your a gamer who moves around a bit, it won't work. When I moved my head around the small area, you could hear the dramatic difference in it's ability to provide the 3D soundstage.

I think of it as a portable listening room, and in that area, i think it greatly succeeds, If I had limited space and budget this would be a nice way to experience immersive sound. $475.00 is not too bad a price for the unit.



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