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Hi All,
It's been 10+ years since I upgraded my speakers and about 7 years since I upgraded my receiver. The Speakers were Klipsch RF3II fronts, RC3II center, and similar Klipsch rears. The receiver was an Onkyo TXNR-929—also A Sunfire True signature subwoofer. I was happy for the most part with its performance. Listening was about 50/50 music/movies—both 2-channel and 5.1 music and live concerts.

I have narrowed my section down to the Polk r700 and center rear and atmos equivalent speakers, or Klipsch RP-8000mkII fronts and matching center, rear.

I'm most likely going with the Polk as I may not incorporate a sub, and have read and heard the r700's do very well as a full range speaker. Although I may go with 2 rel ht 1003 mk2's, depending on how well they perform in my living space (12x12x8) Or just use the subwoofers for movies...Again, not 100% until I get them in my space.

As far as receivers go I'm looking at
Marantz Cinema 40
Denon AVR4800
Yamaha A6A

My question is: I'm looking at running the R700's large (full range) they are 88db efficient and the minimum impedance dips to 3.6. Should I look at a separate 2-channel amp to power the fronts and take the load off the receiver? I'm looking at the Marantz MM7025 or a similar Emotiva product. Cheers!

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I have a Denon x4700h running a 5.2.4 Dolby Atmos capable system. I have R700s (l/r), R400, R200s (surround), and four R900s. I have no issues. Generally, I listen to music in the MV range of 50 and watch movies in the 50 to 65 range. Listening distance is about 7.5’ to 8’. Granted I have two subs taking the LFE channel and the bass below the 80hZ xo. So no sub(s) and it may be more of a concern for you.


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In my opinion, the Yamaha would be the way to go, with it's balanced input // outputs. Power outputs are much of a much-ness with all three. Really your never going to know if you don't audition all three, with possibly the same speakers and music.

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