AudioControl Concert XR-8 9.1.6 Immersive AV Receiver For Sale



Hello, I have an essentially new AudioControl Concert XR8 for sale. I have not even watched an entire movie through it! I did a light remodel on my room (Atmos upgrade) in 2020. I set the unit up to start calibrating it for my room. Everything worked perfectly. I watched a few scenes from several movies as part of the calibration process, but never even watched an entire movie through it. The thing sounded absolutely awesome. Atmos thru this thing is amazing! AudioControl gear has a very high quality sound to it. I then (for some crazy reason!) decided to "really" remodel my room. What started out as a simple upgrade to an Atmos processor turned into a full blown room remodel! I hired a room designer/acoustician to design an acoustic package for my room, and two years later, I'm almost done! In that time a buddy had a AudioControl Maestro that he wanted to sell, so I picked the Maestro up from him. As a result, I have this pristine Concert XR8 for sale that is essentially new. They retail for $7,490.00 I'm asking $4,490.00. I purchased this unit new from my local dealer in June of 2020. The warranty will be honored per my dealer and the guys at AudioControl. AudioControl is a great company to do business with AND you can actually call them and talk to someone... that speaks English, no less! I have all the stuff - factory boxes, literature, cables, remote... everything that came with the unit from the factory. Let me know. Thanks for looking.

I cannot load pictures at this time. Apparently my files (pictures) are too large. I will continue to try and figure this out, otherwise I can provide pictures via email, or some other means, to interested parties. Thank you

I am in Sacramento, CA


Audioholic Jedi
You need to resize the pics....if using windows paint has such (and right clicking on the file and selecting edit should take you there). Suggest 35% or so....

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