Atmos speaker placement on stands



So I have speaker stands that can go pretty high with bookshelf speakers on them. My speakers don't really allow practical wall mounting, so I was wondering if they were high enough to simulate a surround atmos experience.


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Dolby specs out in-ceiling or speaker-top modules, but you can use wall or ceiling mounts that approximate those placements, too. That said, wall mounts for Atmos need to be up at ceiling height, as I understand it. You need separation between your standard 5.x or 7.x bed layer, and the Atmos layer above for the intended effect to work and sound right.


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Not sure I fully understand what you are trying to accomplish.
You want to use stands for your surround sound channels: left/right surround, left/right rear surround?
Or, you want to stand mount the Atmos channel speakers?
If the latter, the speakers need to face down, not out horizontally, and in the right locations.
I would think that the stands would be in the way then.

Atmost speakers really needs to be mounted into the ceiling or book selves somehow mounted on the ceiling facing down.

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