Athena as f2's...thoughts



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I'll try to be short and sweet. I'm interested in maybe changing out my front mains. Right now I'm running Athena bookshelves as-b1
I've had these forever in them being roughly 20 yrs old but look brand new. I was searching craigs and found someone selling the AS f2's. From some old reviews it's a hit or miss of say 70% good 30% meh. I think my bookshelves sound great. Guy selling has the floor standing speakers for 300 with some sub. I'm interested int. In only the speakers and won't offer more than 100 maybe 125 for just the mains no sub. Anyone ever own these and gave thoughts on buy or skip


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I'd be wary of buying such old speakers used unless you are comfortable with repair and reconditioning. Especially since these were basically the equivalent of big box store brand entry level speakers...decades ago. I had the asb2s and and even back then there were better speakers in similar price ranges. They were "ok" speakers before mass outsourcing.


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I wouldn't pay $100 for F2s considering how old they are. F2s on sale when they were closing them out were already in the $150-200 range. I had a pair of ASB1s too.

I'd just look around for new speakers in your price range.

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