Arcam AVR11 x NAD T778 x Marantz Cinema 50

Which to buy

  • Aracam AVR11

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  • NAD T778

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  • Marantz Cinema 50

    Votes: 1 33.3%
  • Other

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I've had the Cinema 50 only for a few days and so far so good. It replaced my Marantz SR7013 (for sale shameless plug ha). Super easy to set up and sounds real clean through my Def Tech set up. Waiting on new TV delivery to really run this with PS5, movies etc.


Junior Audioholic
I have not auditioned the NAD T778, so take this for what you will. However, I did briefly attempt to use the 3rd-gen Bluesound POWERNODE as an AVR in a pinch while I awaited my Denon X3700H. The POWERNODE had an unbearable 50ms input delay on audio received from HDMI eARC which caused very obvious lip sync issues in movies as well as audio desync in games that simply can't be mitigated. According to NAD/Bluesound support, this 50ms input lag is inherent to all BluOS devices (of which the T778 is one!), so I would look very carefully and audition any NAD AVR before purchasing because this issue was an absolute deal killer. As I said, I have two POWERNODEs and I love 'em, but they are on strictly audio-only duty.

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