Any feedback on Severtson Legacy or Broadway series? I am Upgrading from Carl's FlexiWhite screen looking for recommendations.



So I am going to be getting a slightly smaller screen (140-150" diag 16:9) with a nicer frame etc and was wondering if I could do better than the current material of my Carl's FlexiWhite screen for under $1000 or as close to that as possible.
I have looked at the usual suspects, Silver Ticket, Elite Screens but also was looking at the Severtson Broadway Series which fits the budget. I read that it has a smooth surface unlike the Silver Ticket which is textured?
I wouldnt mind a bit of gain but nothing crazy to avoid hot spots, sparkles etc. Current screen is 1.0.
I also considered extending my budget to a 135" Severtson Legacy AT (if the sample I am receiving works for me) or 150" Legacy Cinema White if the extra cash is worth it.
Thanks for any recommendation!
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