Any Benefit from Yamy 3070 + Power Amps to 5200 + Power amps?



Hi guys, just joined the forum and this is my first post and thread :)

The question:

I have a Yamaha RX-A3070, using 7 channels on a 7ch Power Amp, so currently not using any internal amps. Would I make any benefits if I was to trade in and upgrade to either the CX-5100 (which is the same model year as 3070 so same feature set), or the CX-A5200 which will be the following years feature set so will gain surround sound AI.

But will there be any benefit in sound quality over my current set up with the 3070 or anything else I'm missing, I can only think of the balanced connection benefit over unbalanced benefit to the 7ch power amp.

One part of me says it'll be a downgrade as I'll be swapping a box with amps to no amps, the other part or me says the CX-A5200 will be a more focused dedicated separate product, and separates are meant to be better?

Any advice would be super appreciated :)


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I own separates (Yamaha CX-A5100 and MX-A5000) - and have owned separates for as long as I recall.

The CX-5100/5200 might have better measurements, but Sound quality won’t be any different, which is the case with all separates, not just Yamaha. :D

There, now this is just another separates vs AVR thread. Haha. :D

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As ADTG cited, the CX-A has slightly better specs and measurements, but that most likely won't translate into audible difference, all else being equal. The only potentially audible benefits I can visualize is if the unit is used with power amps of lower gain (e.g. 28 dB or less) and the user needs much more than 200 WPC. Example: >12 ft from speakers+listen at ref level.


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You already know what you have with the 3070. So, check the reviews for the 5100 and 5200 and see if they have anything you’d like to have but don’t have now.

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I am on my 3rd Yamaha and I have loved all of them. The first on I bought was the 3010 which was for surround sound. I stored it for a while, when I bought my 3050. I know that it is a great AVR, but I needed something for our den. When we inherited my wife's mother's home, she had a separate building that was used for sewing and for my wife to Prep for the classes she taught. I stole the building and cleaned it up a bit to use as a theater. It is about 15' x 18'. I bought the 3070 for the theater and use the 3010 for the presence channels. Then I started collecting movies. I have a projector and my screen is 100 x 50 (I'm guessing). All in all, I have a 4K theater 7.2.4 in my theater and a 3.1 in the den. I've done some research about the 5X00, but I found my 3070/3010 to be great. My presence speakers are in the wall. I have a lot of 4K and Blu-ray movies and tons of DVDs. They all look and sound great. My thoughts are to keep your 3070 unless you have a lot of room and your wife doesn't mind the noise. That's the reason she put me into the building out back. Best of Luck.

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