Anthem AVM-70 8K and Apple TV Start Up Issue



If anyone has experience with the Anthem AVM-70 8k, I am trying to have it automatically turn on when I turn on my Apple TV. It will turn off automatically with my Apple TV, but will not turn on (the TV connected through the Anthem does turn on). I have the CEC turned on and, like I mentioned, the Anthem turns off when I turn off the Apple TV so some signal is being processed. If there is a better place to submit this question/issue, please let me know. FYI - I reached out to Anthem and they said turn on/off CEC and unplug / plug back in my HDMI cables (and keep my versions up to date, which I do, of course). Thanks!


I have the AVM70 8K as well and have been using it with with the latest Gen AppleTV and an NZ8. Trouble is, when all components are on the AppleTV defaults to 720p. It usually takes 1 to 3 restarts of the AppleTV to get 4k picture. I've ordered new cables but suspect...and hope CEC on the AppleTV is the culprit. I'll try turning CEC off on the apple and hope this fixes my problem.

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