Anthem 710 reciever HDMI outputs issue



OK, Ive been told that this wont work as the HDMI doesn't support sound. I have a anthem 710 receiver that I have a HDMI cable coming off the #1 ouput which is also ARC to a 1in four out HDMI switch, from the switch it goes to three TV sets through out my house. I get the picture but no sound. If I hook up the switch and three TV to PVR I get picture and sound. Both the receiver and TV have ARC and I know they work using the PVR, how can I get the sound from my receiver to go to the three TV, using the components I have in my reciever like PVR, fire stick, media player and apple tv. I get the picture from all this but no sound, Some people say I need a splitter. One said it wont work as the receiver doesn't send sound through the outputs so is there a solution to getting this to work at all is what I am trying to get to as this has been driving me nuts. any help would be apprciated thanks


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Good luck with finding a work around, don't know of many Anthem owners on AH, maybe try AVS forum. Or shoot their CS a email or give them a call.


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The Anthem can send audio out, BUT, the TV must be set to TV speakers and not receiver and you will get sound from the TV instead of the receiver. Now, using multiple TV sets from a switcher isn't going to help matters. I'd think each TV would have to be set to TV speakers if it is going to work at all but I do not believe it will work. Remember, you are trying to send signals back and forth from the receiver and multiple TV sets instead of just the one. The best way to go may be PVR to switcher, then one of the cables from switcher to an input in the receiver. Then, the receiver's #1 output to one TV. This way, ARC will be functional with that one TV and you can play sound via the receiver or out of the TV by setting the TV sound setting to TV speakers rather than the receiver if you wish. Try it out, post results.

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