Amulet Voice-Enabled Remote Control



Audioholics Robot
Staff member
The Amulet Remote is the "first voice-enabled remote control" designed specifically for Vista Media Center. Those of you who don't use Vista won't benefit from it, but it's still an interesting product that offers a different take on remotely controlling your media PC. It allows consumers to record and watch TV, listen to their favorite music, and view DVDs, videos and photos – all using simple voice commands. The remote works with any Vista Media Center system, and replaces the standard media center remote control.

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Audioholic General
If it's backlit and learning, there's potential. If it's just for media center and won't control my receiver, Blu-ray player, etc., then it's not worth as much since I would just program it to another universal remote.

Seriously, this is a good thing for visually impaired people even though most are perfectly capable (as are sighted people) of learning keys on standard remotes by touch.

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