Advise most ideal placement for a 5.1.2



Hello, this is my first post and I am trying to set up my first dedicated theater room. I will only have one recliner since my girlfriend has another tv in the living room with a sofa for both to watch.

This is the floor plan (pictures attached) for my spare bedroom and wondering if this is the most ideal placement for it. Room measures 12ft11in X 11ft11in, there are two windows behind the tv where I will have thick curtains. Should the three front speakers be farther from the front wall even if the recliner would end up closer to the back wall?

I guided myself from the recommended placement from the dolby website but it doesn't specify the ideal distance from walls.

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Your intended placement looks good to me. You have a pretty decent stand-off distance from the wall. Good choices in equipment as well. There is no ideal distance from the wall, it is just a matter of keeping them speakers away from nearby surfaces to reduce diffraction effects and to control boundary gain. It's more a matter of individual acoustic conditions and personal preferences in sound character, so don't sweat it too much. I think you are on your way to a very nice system.

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