Advice on Center channel to match Klipsch Xb-10 Bookshelf Speakers



I currently have a 6.1 loft setup using Klipsch xb-10 bookshelf speakers I got a few years ago on clearance for all 6 channels. I believe they were part of the icon series at the time. One of these is currently laid sideways as a centre channel. The room is an approx 10’x 20’ narrow loft setup. I have a Yamaha aventage receiver and a Klipsch R-10sw sub. Any advice on what centre channel might improve the setup? I thought the regular Best Buy R-25c centre speaker might not be much of an upgrade. Also, if I were to keep three of these Xb-10’s as my rear surrounds, what wall-mounted speakers might be an upgrade for my front left and right channels? Thanks!


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The best center speaker for that speaker set is the one that you are already using, except oriented in an upright position. Maybe you can mount it above the TV set with a wall mount? The R-25c will probably make for a fine center speaker for that set though. That will allow you to move up to a 7.1 system if your AVR can support it. There are the mounts that you will want to use, very robust and inexpensive.

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