Advice needed... Monitor Audio Bronze 6 versus Bronze 500?



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Hi everybody

I’ve finally got a buyer here in the UK for my 2 month old Monitor Audio Bronze 6 Speakers...I bought them on impulse and I do love the sound, no complaints at all (apart from the Walnut colour) i don’t like lol! doesnt match my TV unit and centre speaker

I now have chance to buy the new Bronze 500’s to replace them for a VERY good price online, mainly because I can’t find a white pair of Bronze 6 anywhere... lol! they are now discontinued,

are the 500’s vastly superior sounding?
are they definitely worth the upgrade?
all I know is that the Bronze 6’s are front ported and the new 500’s are rear ported.... any advice ??

Don’t want to make a mistake

surely the new range should be much much better

can’t find any reviews anywhere on the Bronze 500’s

my current equipment setup is

Panasonic TX-55CX802 TV

1 x Denon AVR-X2200W

2 x Monitor Audio Bronze 6

(For Main front speakers)

1 x Monitor Audio Bronze Centre

1 x Q Acoustics 3070S Subwoofer

2 x Q Acoustics 3010 on their stands

(For rear surrounds)

1 x Marantz CD63 MkII KI Signature CD Player

1 x Pioneer BDP-180 Blu Ray Player




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are the 500’s vastly superior sounding?
are they definitely worth the upgrade?
I've never heard the Bronze 6 but have auditioned the Bronze 500's.
I would think the 500's would excel in the Low End better then the 6's. Larger Drivers and Cabinet design.
Don't know about Superior, but IMO should be an Up-Grade.

You need a Sub!!!

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