Adding a Bluetooth adapted to my receiver or just get an amp w/Bluetooth



I have an older Yamaha RX-V3000 receiver wired to my outdoor patio speakers currently. My speaker are shot so I just pulled the trigger on a pair of Revel M80 speakers to replace them (still haven't installed them yet). I ordered a Bluetooth adapter so I could stream from my phone for this receiver but the guy at the audio shop said that it would sound better and be more versatile to replace the Yamaha with a sonos amp or a Denon Heos. I can understand the newer stuff having more versatility but I couldn't believe that they might also sound better than my Yamaha? What are your thoughts on either setup? I also seen that Sonos has a unit called the Port, that connects to the Yamaha and gives it the features of the Sonos amp but using my receiver. I don't know if that is worth getting, over the cheaper Bluetooth adapter from Logitech. Curious what your thoughts are. Thanks, Chuck


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I use Chromecast Audio units for my pre-internet/wifi gear (discontinued but last I looked still some units available on ebay). I'd much rather use wifi than bluetooth in the home, it's getting better every year but when you can stream via wifi why bother? I don't plan on ever entering the Sonos universe, seems far too limited. I have older Denon avrs but doubt I'd find much use for the Heos. My outdoor speakers I use zone 2 off my older workshop receiver (and am listening to Spotify that way via the Chromecast Audio thing, using my phone as remote control, as the Spotify servers deliver right to CA unit rather than use the phone's BT). I do have a Tao Electronics bluetooth receiver for my truck, and it can easily be attached to a receiver but....


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You can get a bluetooth receiver with 2x RCA output to 2x RCA input on any receiver and you're good to go. $20 or less all day and it will sound the same as anything else that is costly. It's just transferring 0's and 1's. I use one and it's totally fine streaming FLAC output to it.

Someone trying to sell Sonos or Heos is just trying to sell you something. Avoid Sonos. Everything proprietary and locks you into an ecosystem that you have no control over. Heos is just Denon's app. All of this is just extra stuff to clutter it up when you can do everything with networking on an AVR or a bluetooth dongle frankly without all that fuss and use whatever you want.

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