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In the world of studio gear, ADAM Audio is chiefly known for the ‘folded ribbon’ AMT tweeter studio monitors. Their speakers were always a bit more costly than entry-level monitors from other well-known manufacturers like Yamaha, JBL, and Mackie. Years ago before I knew more about speaker design and technology, I assumed that since they were more expensive they must be better. I have since learned over the years and in my time as a loudspeaker reviewer that price doesn’t always correlate to sound quality. Even so, after all these years, I am still a bit excited to finally have an ADAM Audio monitor pair in my hands for review. In for review today, we have the T7V, a two-way near-field monitor with a 7” woofer and 1.9" AMT waveguide tweeter that retails for $500/pair. What separates these from ADAM’s higher-end models is fewer features and less powerful amplification. However, the fundamental sound quality should be largely intact, minus some dynamic range. Now, let’s dive in to see what ADAM has brought into this price range...

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