Actor Liam Neeson HT system, 2009



Found this old Sound & Vision write up of Liam Neeson's HT. It was published just before Neeson's wife, actress Natasha Richardson, tragically died in freak ski accident in early 2009. She's also featured in the article. Bittersweet...

It's a beautiful and huge barn. I like that when they had movie night they showed the movie first, at 6, and THEN served dinner so people wouldn't be snoozing during the movie. It's also interesting that they agreed to free-standing towers--and modest Polks, at that. When I was in the movie business most of the home theaters I saw in producers' homes had built-in or wall-mounted speakers, bowing to aesthetics.


Thanks for posting that! I too find the design interesting - given they are professionals I expected something a bit more integrated. It does look like a good place to spend some time though!

As you say it is quite bittersweet too....

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