A question for Texans: How expensive is to maintain grass lawn in TX?


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Yup, just work on your landscaping and plant native species.

The wife and I both enjoy yard work, one of the few things we both enjoy. I'm certain that we have added quite a bit of value to our home over the years, while also reducing our dependence to water the yard.

We also don't live in an HOA, so that helps too.
Water itself is rarely the budget killer...at least here, sewer is nearly twice as much as the actual water...so septic can save 1000s over time, but it has a set of issues unique to septic.

Bottom line...I've lived in the northeast, midwest, southeast and close family that I visit often in Colo...plant native...that's your best bet. I have about 2200sf of lawn...I'm considering converting the back yard (roughly 1200 sf) to an artificial putting green.


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2channel lover got my vote, plant artificial turf Some good looking fake trees, some nice fake shrubs a nice lil rock graden with some really nice looking cactus and Walla!! You’ll never have to water again! Plus all year long you’ll have the best looking yards year round! Just break out your vacuum cleaner a once in a while. Save lots of money on your water bill over time will pay for your one of a kind cool looking yard! :) Just picking guys , wish I had a nice yard so I could put a pet Cow in it. :(



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could we please go back to lawn watering.
I know there must be a landscaping forum where your green thumbed alter ego just lives to make sh!t green. Not alter ego but somebody who just knows grass the way you know computers. This here doesn't seem to be a horticultural crowd ... or they're all stoned Canadians bent on thread derailment.


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Thanks for laugh Alex. I knew I could count on you. In reality, the thread info was useful to my relative (I'm not moving to TX just yet :) but at this point - any new posts would not be helpful the individual I was asking for, but feel free to discuss grass or weeds growing in warmer climates as you please :)


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Specifically the water bill. I get that that will vary with region and lawn size (weather etc...) but what is the cost water about 1/4 acre lot in Austin area?
Are private water wells are common?

We not planning to move (just yet), but my brother in law is.
I live in San Antonio Texas. Bought a new house last year. Much of what you've heard is accurate and it's accurate here as well. Summers are just brutal. BRUTAL. Electric bills will go up into the 300 dollar range in the summer water bills averages 50 to 60 a month usually but will be around 100 to 150 a month in the summer. That's even with the water restrictions. The grass and landscaping is critical it's too hard and expensive to maintain a huge yard in that heat. You also have to factor in yard care. I have a company that treats mine 4 times a year. It's 90 bucks a visit but worth it due to the brutal heat in the summers and the wear it can put on your lawn when you can only water twice or once a week on restrictions. I also had a sprinkler system installed which was so worth it when your restricted on watering you want to squeeze the most out of the time you can a sprinkler system really improved that.


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I never water my lawn. If you must water it be sure to get a sprinkler system installed. Mowing is something I can no longer do. I am actually giving my brother the lawn equipment and selling my massive house in Forth Worth. It's got a perfect media room setup and I bet with your IT skills I could get you a job fast. You'd even get a discount on the big suburban to tote around things in.

Seriously if it floods then you don't have to water. And if it droughts you're not allowed to water. And the AC bills are fine assuming you actually insulate the garage and radiant barrier the roof rafters. Unfortunately cancer made an untimely return so I didn't have time to upgrade the house. My wife left her school job unexpectedly so I got her to move 3 miles from mine. I don't miss that commute a bit either.

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