5.1.2 speaker placement for surrounds



For the surrounds in a 5.1.2 setup is it ok to place the surrounds on a rear wall 6ft behind the main listening position and about a foot below the ceiling. My space has an open area on the left side and can’t put on surround stands due to WAF. Also wasn’t sure how it will affect overall listening room sound since I’ll have 2 ceiling speakers for atmos above the main listening area
James S.

James S.

Audioholic Intern
Ideally, you want the 2 surrounds to be to the side of you and at ear height for an Atmos set up. You want to have the separation between ceiling and bed layer to have Atmos effects work properly. As there is always some compromise due to different issues in a room, you may have to put the speakers were you can. It just may not convey the desired effect.

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