<font color='#000000'>Hello all!

Sorry I appear to be such a novice but here is my dilema:

I currently own a pair of Paradigm Studio 100s and my receiver is a Sony da3es. There is a impedance switch on the back of the receiver for either 4 or 8 ohms. The Paradigm tech says I should keep the switch at 4 (despite the fact their website states &quot;combatible w/ 8 ohms&quot;) because the studio 100s operate within an impedance range and will at times create a load below 8 ohms but not below 4 ohms. I have asked the store I purchased the speakers from and read many other opinions that say keep it at 8.

Also, I kept the switch at 4 for a year before I decided to research this issue and never experienced a shortage on my receiver, but don't know if I this may have damaged anything that wouldn't be obvious yet.

THANKS so much for your help!


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