4-8 OHMS speakers to 8OHMS receiver



ok so those speakers will slowly destroy my receiver


Seriously, I have no life.
Some receivers are less suited to low impedance loads than others is all but don't know how you came to the conclusion of your speakers slowly destroying your avr. Your avr seems to have decent dynamic ratings to 3 and 4 ohms per the manual. AVRs sometimes may shut down if speakers of too low impedance are played at too high of volume, many have a self-protection circuit that will kick in if you push too far. If really worried about amp power an avr with pre-outs to allow for external amps is usually the way to go....


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When you see a speaker rated at 8-ohms, it’s a nominal figure. Many speakers will dip below 8-ohms at certain frequencies, and could even dip below 4-ohms at some frequencies. I actually like “broadband” (I’m sure there’s a better term) impedance ratings like Magnat uses (4-8 ohms) – gives you a better idea of what the actual load is. Hopefully it means that the speaker actually and only ranges between 4-8 ohms.


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My KEF R500 and LS50 speakers are both rated as nominal 8Ω speakers, yet dip to as low as 3.2Ω in operation. My NAD T758v3 has never protested in the 3.6 years of running the R500's. I had run the LS50's on a little NAD D3020 at 30 watts and quite loud, yet no problems.

You have nothing to worry about.
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