4.1 vs Atmos soundbar



This is a mixed forum question so I’ll post here to General AV. I have a 5.1.2 set up in my basement. As a second system upstairs a few years ago I went Sonos with the Playbar, Play5 surrounds and the sub. The Sonos sounds fine, not as good as my 5.1.2 system obviously, but it’s convenient and others in the family know how to use it, music sounds ok out of it. If I wanted to step up my Sonos system to something a bit more exciting, I was pondering a) get the Sonos:amp, a couple of high quality bookshelf speakers, and run the bookshelfs/rears/sub as a unit in a 4.1 config (with music listening too) and repurpose the Playbar to another room. Or, been reading about a Sonos Atmos soundbar coming out in June (and I understand the shortcomings of an Atmos soundbar). Is a 4.1 with good bookshelfs much of a step up from the Playbar or don’t bother? Would an Atmos soundbar be any different? Should I just stay put and deal with the decent system I have and save the good stuff for the downstairs 5.1.2? Running wires and setting up another 5.1 system upstairs would not be an option.
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