3 JTR Triple 12-LP's w/warranty thru 10/2019



Excellent condition in a non-smoking, kid (not unattended) and pet free theater room. These speakers see occasional weekend use and only for a couple movies or gaming.

These were the last pair of JTR Triple 12's to leave Jeff's shop. The compression driver is in the middle but can be moved to the top if you want to set this on the ground and have the CD at or near ear level.

Excellent condition with rare usage, warranty for over a year and a half. I'm asking $2,299 for all three. A new trio (now 212 HT's) will cost you about $4700 dollars Jeff and other JTR owners noted there would be little difference in the sound. I just have an upgrade itch after going to two 2400 ULF's.

I can ship once my new speakers arrive. I'm willing to drive a bit if necessary.


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