3.5 mini jack mono Shielded cable.


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Hi Folks,
I dont know much about audio.I am trying to buy 3.5 Mini Jack mono cable for my Svs sub which will be connected to my Denon receiver so i can turn sub on/off when the receiver is turned off.I wanted to make sure if i am buying the right cable.Please see the attached pic of the cable i am trying to buy.
Any suggestion will help.Thanks in advance.




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So the one in the picture attached wont work?
Since you need a mono cable, it won't work. Even though you SEARCHED for a mono cable, that cable is stereo.


Look at the metal connection. There are two bands in the middle creating three different sections. This carries 'LEFT', 'RIGHT', and 'GROUND'. Stereo. This is also called a TRS, or Tip, Ring, Sleeve connection.

In the link provided by @ryanosaur, you can see that there is only one band. Making two separate connections. 'Signal', and 'Ground'. That's mono. Tip and Sleeve (TS).

Now you can look at any cable of this type and figure out what it is doing.

OH! There is also a TRRS connection. It has three bands across the middle and creates four sections. Typically this is for stereo + microphone. So, Left, Right, Microphone, and Ground at the connections. Tip, ring, ring, sleeve - TRRS.

If you still have wired headphones with an integrated mic, you should see that it has a TRRS connection.
Headphones without a microphones will be TRS connection.
Then 12v triggers just need power and ground, so they will have a TS connection.

Hope that all made sense and helps you out.

Oh - and a nice link with pictures, and a deeper dive if you really want to get geeky...
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