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Since oil is carried by systems that use fossil fuel to move, I would say that closing the pipeline is more symbolic than practical. An estimated 11K jobs lost in specialty fields and telling the workers to "go out and build solar panels" in a place that can't compete with foreign manufacturing was a very ignorant comment. Apparently, he doesn't know where solar panels come from.

Oil spills are bad but gasoline/semi-refined oil spills are worse because it's more flammable and by having lower viscosity, it goes deeper into soil and into ground water far more easily than crude oil. If crude gets into a waterway, some of it sinks to the bottom, releasing whatever it can, for many decades. Crude that spills on the ground can be removed if the soil allows.

We're not going to wean ourselves from oil for a long time but it's time to start. Thinking that we can do that or achieve 50% less CO2 emissions by 2035 or 2050 aren't practical goals.
Regarding flammability, it's all relative. Please read the wikipedia article I linked on the Lac Megantic disaster.


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We aren't a huge fan of the trains or trucks transporting oil for this reason.

I doubt very much if it was the railroads fault, the article reads as if the truck ran into the train ? assuming at a grade crossing ? What I do question in the article is that it said the train had 5 carloads of gasoline ?

With respect to crude oil surface transportation the railroad industry and the oil industry have gotten much better on the safety front since the tragedy in Quebec years ago. Redesigned tank cars meeting higher standards (DOT-117) and the oil industry addressing the methane(that's what goes 'boom') separation issue at the loading point.

Overall the rail industry has an excellent record when it comes to the handling of haz-mat, so much so that no one would want that traffic diverted to over the road.


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Overall good article although a few things left out........

1 - Balkan and tar sand oil from Canada is more corrosive than what we get from overseas which can and will cause pipeline issues sooner

2- 'aging rail line' statement and 2014 data, old news that has been addressed, continues to be addressed

3- rail in transit derailment/explosions, crude in itself does not explode, it's the methane component that is not removed at origin before transport(save a few bucks perhaps ?) that's the issue.

4- trucks do not play a part in what could/will be long distance transportation of crude, there is no economic justification for it

can the nations RR's do a better job, you bet and with the implementation of PTC and other safety measures they are on course to do so.

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