2K to 4K and HDMI Cables



Audioholic General
IF I upgrade my TV (buy a new one) from a 2K to 4K, will I need to replace all HDMI cables? Not sure if I will get a 60hz or 120hz refresh rate TV.


Audioholic Jedi
Why would the refresh rate matter? Good chance you'll need higher bandwidth cables, tho without knowing what you have now.....


Audioholic Warlord
Your cables will need to match the speed associated with the input of your TV. HDMI 2.1, at full data rates, works at up to 48Gb/s. HDMI 2.0, at full data rates, works at up to 18Gb/s. So, you just need to ensure your cables meet those specifications.

Several 4K TVs on the market, support higher than 18Gb/s data rates. This includes the Sony 900H and the LG CX series OLED TVs. This is to allow for 120Hz 4K gaming to take place. So, you would need 48Gb/s rated cabling. Your receiver and all your gear would need to support the higher bandwidth as well. This has been a problem with Yamaha and Denon receivers that claim 8K compatibility.

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