250 ohm headphones with Iphone 7 plus. Need Help please!!



I sure hope you fellas can help me out. Got talked into buying a nice pair of Beyerdynamic DT 880's. Nice cans, but 250 ohm version, and don't work well for portable audio. Is there any portable headphone amp under $100 worth buying? I don't use headphones very often, but I've had these 880's in storage ever since I bought them because I just didn't get performance that I want from headphones. I like to ROCK! I've been looking all day at headphone amps, and I see some of them won't do 250 ohm headphones any good. Not enough power I guess. If anyone has any real life experience on this, I'd sure appreciate the input. Real life experience with DT-880's would be even better! Thank you all in advance.


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I got the same cans, and they are great, though I do not generally use them on a mobile phone.

On Android there is a setting to limit max volume of connected head phones (to protect ears when using efficient head phones, as well as regulation) that can be overridden. Perhaps the same is on the iPhone?


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I have the Audio Technica ATH-M50s 32 Ohm version that I use with my iPad, and they blow doors.


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