25 years later, Remembering Jerry



Audioholic Spartan
First, I would never call myself a Dead Head. I never saw them live. I never collected live recordings looking for that one perfect rendition. But to claim their music never touched me would be a lie.

To claim his music never touched me would be simply wrong.

25 years ago, I got into my car on a sunny Summer day in Mid Missouri, getting ready for classes to start in another week or so... I was in Music School going into my 4th year. It was lovely, and the radio station I would listen to when not playing mix tapes was playing The Dead.

Yeah, It's a good day to be alive, I thought.

After the third or fourth song in a row, the DJ came on and ruined it all.

Jerry was gone.

As a musician, I fell in love with the stories. Not of he and the band, but the music. My first Dead experience was Touch of Grey in '87. In the Dark was the first Album of theirs I bought. Sometime later, I found Workingman's Dead and American Beauty in the cut-out bin at Camelot Records. And it was with those that it started.

Some of my favorite cuts that Jerry was known for... including one performance when he was touring with Dave Grisman (a great album that is, especially their rendition of Thrill is Gone!)

Here's to you Jerry! I hope the long strange trip hasn't stopped... if anything, it only got stranger!


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