12V trigger vs RCA sensing turn on for Outlaw 2220?



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I'm set to receive my Outlaw 2220s in about a week to hook up to my Marantz 6013. This may be a stupid question but is there any benefit of using a 12V trigger if the amps can sense signal from the RCA inputs? I'd always have less cables vs more so my plan right now was just to use the RCA signal sensing feature.


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Just a side note now that I'm more awake...
I talked to Outlaw Ben about this as I was uncertain when I was purchasing...
You can Daisy Chain up to three triggered units from a source trigger. Beyond that you risk damaging the gear. So if you want Instant-On for most usage, trigger your front three, say, and set any others to Sense. There will be a slight lag as the signal goes through the system before the Amps power on. This has never bothered me.
Also, if you opt for triggers: you must use the 1/8" MONO plugs. Stereo does not work. Outlaw Ben was very specific about that. :)
I'm only linking this as a reference:
You will notice it is a tip-sleeve plug, not a TSR (which would be used for stereo connections and have three distinct parts to the shaft rather than just two).


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