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I have the x2200. Pretty much the same but without the atmos. I have the box and all that came with it. Would you do a flat out trade? Call me tomorrow 321-262-9458


Seriously, I have no life.
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Bought in May 2017.
Never abused, plays flawless. I use a pair of AC Infinity fans, never hot.
Way too much AVR for my small bedroom.
$370 local pickup obo.
All accessories included.

Los Angeles, South Bay area
Looks like mine. :D

The 2 AVRs I recommend the most are the Denon X3000 and X4000 series.

I don't know what I would do with another Denon AVR (put in closet),but if I were local, I would be tempted. :eek:

You might just clean it up, put back in box, and keep in closet. Never know when you need one. :D

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