Registration Difficulties:
If you did not receive your registration confirmation, please be sure to WHITELIST info@audioholics.com. In 9.9/10 cases, the confirmation email is either being blocked by your email/virus software or Internet service provider.

Forum Rules to Live By:
While we loathe to define ourselves by a list of "DONTs" there seems to be a need for some simple clarification on what we consider to be very common sense rules and matters of etiquette on our forums. In no particular order, here are some very basic guidelines new and existing forum users need to follow:

1. No Disparaging any of the moderators or the administrator. You may disagree with mods or the admin all you want, but if you bring their status into it with such statements as "you'll ban me if I disagree with you," you're probably right. DON'T DARE THE MODS TO BAN YOU. YOU'LL LOSE. Additionally, little cutesy posts with double meanings designed to tweak a mod or an admin but attempting to skate along the edge of banning will cause the same result.

2. No constantly attacking other posters rather than disagreeing with the message. It doesn't matter to us whether or not what your viewpoints are; if you can't keep a civil tongue in your head or civil fingers on a keyboard, your value to discussion is limited and possibly nil.

3. No trolling, spamming or flooding the board with post after post just to annoy people or rack up your post count.

4. No commercial posting without consent or permission from Audioholics. Audioholics has plenty of advertising options for you to consider. If you believe that this public forum is here for you to promote your online company or services, either through overt or stealthy means you are mistaken. For more info on advertising, please contact us at advertising AT audioholics D0T com. Typically, we allow independent custom installers to include a link to their website in their signature, provided they aren't selling products using the Internet or our forums.

5. No sucking up to mods and the admin on this board and then trashing them on every other board on the net. If I hear about a bunch of Audioholics-stabbing on other forums by posters whom we have let in here in good faith, those posters will cease to exist. I think it's fair enough. Every time you log in here, it costs Audioholics money, and the admin and the mods try their best to do a good job. By costing us money and then using little things you dig up here, or things that we say that offend you (sorry, you have no Constitutional right not to be offended) to run off and trash the place -- well, let's just say we're not going to put up with it. Find another hobby.

6. No comments or slurs of a racial nature will be allowed on the forum. If you can't control your biases or prejudices, then perhaps you should post those quotes on a board other than this one.

7. No posting posts accusing or screaming at Audioholics, admins or the moderators UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES OR ABOUT ANY SUBJECT or, as another example, demanding answers if a "most favored poster" is banned. If you have a question, PM a moderator. If you start demanding to know "WHY???" on the forum where everyone on the Internet can see it, you'll get one opportunity to shut up, and then you will follow the "most favored poster." We are here to keep the forum running smoothly, not to play favorites, explain ourselves, or to exempt certain people from behavior that, if a newbie did it, would elicit screams of "Ban him!" from half the membership. If we do something, it's for a reason. If we make a mistake, we'll rectify it, but demanding answers in public will almost invariably make the entire moderator team annoyed at you and more determined NEVER to change the decision, so think before you do this.

8. Do NOT immediately start a new thread on a subject after a moderator just locked one on the same subject. We don't care if you had something else to say. If the mods say the thread's dead, stupid, infantile, ridiculous, or absolutely useless to waste time on, it's done. If you start a new thread in defiance of this, you're history.

9. Long-time posters who think they are indispensable and decide to start hassling moderators to see how far they can take it will find they are not indispensable after all if it gets out of hand. Our advice -- don't push the envelope.

10. If you try to get around the non-ISP e-mail address when registering by just making up one with comcast.net , etc., on it, it will bounce back to us as fake. We immediately ban such addresses. Our advice: be honest. And also -- TURN OFF SPAM BLOCKERS AND SPELL YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS CORRECTLY. MISSPELLED ONES GET BOUNCED AS INVALID, i.e. blahblah@verison.net instead of verizon.net . If you aren't careful when typing, it isn't our fault.

11. Because there are a lot of forum members (and on slim occasion, [i]manufacturers[/i]) who like to doggedly bring up their favorite products (it seems) in each and every forum thread, we have had to instate a new rule for PRODUCT REVIEW threads. In a PRODUCT REVIEW thread started by an Audioholics staff member or Admin discussion of competing products will not be allowed. This is not to stifle discussion, but to help keep the REVIEW thread on topic - namely, to keep it about the product being [i]reviewed[/i]. Members are welcome to start other comparison threads or discussions elsewhere, but off-topic posts within REVIEW threads will simply be deleted.

12. Registering for our forum automatically signs you up for our bi-weekly newsletter. You can opt out at anytime but then you'd miss the latest AV reviews and news. A true Audiohollic would NEVER do that!


In short, if you want to discuss AV, software, or even politics, we're all ears. If you were looking for a typical Internet flame forum, you're in the wrong place, and it's probably best if you not waste either your time or ours by applying to post. When you realize that we can ban you for any reason at all, and decide to not whine about the First Amendment when you post something objectionable and the mods don't appreciate it, you'll be on the road to being a successful poster here. No one wants to ban anyone. Don't force the issue, unless that's the result you want to achieve.

Audioholics Staff

Additional Rules:

1) No slandering of manufacturers or forum members, including Audioholics Staff and moderators
2) No bashing our site, ethics, motives, etc. If you have criticisms about us, send us a PM or email (info@audioholics.com)
3) No foul language
4) No posting under multiple monikers/logins

Violation of these rules will result in a ban - the length of which is up to the discretion of the Admins and moderators and is not up for debate.

Just because we offer a ton of leeway in the "Steam Vent" forum doesn't mean that it is a "rules free" zone. Basic etiquette and decency still apply.

All posts made in the Audioholics Forums become and remain the property of Audioholics (previously copyrighted works notwithstanding - which are illegal to post in the forums). Membership is optional and we reserve the right to keep, delete, modify or otherwise manipulate and/or publish any photos, text or data submitted to these forums. If you want something kept private, don't publish it in a public forum!

These rules are easy to follow and aren't hard to obey. We pretty much have a zero tolerance policy on the above and, like the real world, ignorance of the law is no excuse...

Please see the links below for a more exhaustive list of policies and Frequently Asked Questions and, as always, have a great day!

The real-time nature of this bulletin board makes it impossible for Audioholics Staff to review messages or confirm the validity of information posted herein. We do our best to keep civil discourse among our forum community. However, we do not necessarily actively monitor the contents of this forum for accuracy, sanity, or decency. By using this forum, either as an active poster or reader, you agree that you will not use this resource to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, hateful, harassing, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise in violation of any law. You will not post commercially oriented posts to promote your own commercial interests without our written consent.

You agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or by Audioholics.com. You agree not to use this forum in any way to defraud others. Audioholics.com does not condone any business transactions between members nor are we responsible for any fraudulent activity that may occur in such transactions.

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