Sound of Contact Progressive Rock Band Interview

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    Ever wonder what would happen if the enormously talented Phil Collins had a son and he, like his farther, took a liking to drumming and singing? Well, you can see for yourself what Simon Collins has been up to with his new band called Sound of Contact.

    After an amazing debut album, "Dimensionaut", and a successful European tour, I think it's a safe bet that Sound of Contact will be the next big band to hit the progressive music industry. Anchored by the musical talents of: Simon Collins (Lead Vocals, Drums, Co-producer), Dave Kerzner (Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals, Co-producer), and Matt Dorsey (Guitars, Bass, Backing Vocals), it's easy to see why Sound of Contact has hit the ground running.

    This band was born out of the 70s Prog-Music and in every aspect, they deliver us some of the old famed with a new harder and edgier overall style that we fellow progers continue to love. As Sound of Contact prepares for a focused USA tour, Audioholics caught up to them on the road in Europe. Here's what they had to say.

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    Here are some Youtube videos on the band. You can hear the Phil Collins drum influence in his son:

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