Sharp SD-WH1000U Universal Player and Wireless Bridge Preview

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    Sharp announced their new SD-WH1000U Universal Blu-ray player. Well, it is "universal" in that it plays CDs, DVDs, SACDs, and Blu-rays. Some might wonder where the DVD-A support is in something touted as universal. In all fairness, Sharp's SD-WH1000U is bringing something to the table that we haven't seen before - WiSA streaming. Are you ready to replace your AV Receiver as the centerpiece of your home theater for a wireless single box solution like this? The Sharp SD-WH1000U allows for 1080p and eight channels of Blu-ray and SACD-quality audio streamed wirelessly. The included Wireless Bridge takes care of the video for you but good luck finding WiSA-enabled speakers at this time.

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