Roku Streaming Stick, HDMI Version Preview and Chromecast Comparison

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    Roku came out with a Streaming Stick a while back but it required an MHL HDMI input. Google put out the Chromecast which only required an HDMI input and some sort of power source. Roku has matched the Chromecast with their HDMI version of the Streaming Stick. Needing a power source as well, the HDMI version costs $15 more than the Chromecast but has many more streaming services available. While Chromecast has a handful of the major players, Roku has been streaming since streaming became a thing. If you want a streaming stick and access to just about every streaming service on the planet, the Roku Streaming Stick is the solution for you.

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    The lack of a remote makes the chromecast a non-starter for me. Let's say I want to pause a movie (a fairly common task). With the Roku, I press a physical button without having to look at the remote. Chromcast = Power on device, enter unlock pin, dismiss lingering notification from facebook, text, etc, open app, pause.

    I've used idevices as remotes on and off for years. They are a miserable experience compared to a simple remote like the roku.
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    With android devices, depending on the user's choice of lock screen (the one included in Cyanogenmod, for example), apps can be launched directly from the lock screen with just a swipe. Another advantage of Androids over iOS devices and the Roku remote is the ability to use a swipe gesture keyboard, which is infinitely better than an on-screen keyboard. Using an android phone or tablet as a remote control doesn't have to be as cumbersome as your iOS devices have made it.

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    Other considerations

    Another consideration is the sheer number of Roku channels available. Yes, many of them are garbage. But actual supported channels that are useful vastly outnumber those on Chromecast, and you don't need to have a tablet or laptop or phone next to you at all times to access them. CNN International Live, BYUTV live streaming and all the archived episodes of American Ride!, Amazon Prime streaming, Apple podcasts (private channel) NowhereTV (private channel) Smithsonian for amazing documentaries. WeatherNation Live, and tons of others, many free. And so easy to use anyone can use it, even my grandma has it. Chromecast is too difficult to explain to my grandma, or many other people. Plus keeping the phone near me all the time is a pain, as sometimes I need to have it charging. Here Alternatives to Cable - Watch TV Through Internet - Roku I found a nice list of features, comparison to Chromecast or even Apple TV, along with a great channel list for Roku that can help others cut the cord as well.

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