Problem using camera and PC on a projector

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    Here is the situation:
    I run a media ministry at a church. I have a video camera (Canon Vixia G10) and a PC (Win 7) connected to a 4x4 HDMI matrix (monoprice). For the outputs I have a TV (1080p) and a projector (Canon LV7575, HD ready). The TV is connected directly through HDMI but the projector is connected through an HDMI-VGA converter. The projector has max resolution of (1600x1200), and since it's HD ready, it compresses 1080p signal to 720p. When I select the camera (which shoots in 1080p) to display on the projector I get an image that spans the whole width of the projector screen (1600 pixels wide). But when I switch to the PC input (also 1080p) I get a compressed image that is off-center and takes up only a portion of the screen (1280 pixels wide). The TV however has no issues and shows 1080p either way. I checked the inputs on the projector; it recognizes Camera as VGA 1, but PC as 1080p60. It's a nuisance because I often have to switch between the two inputs. I have no idea how to make the projector recognize the PC as VGA 1 also. I also have a DVI input on the projector; I can use a VGA to DVI adapter to input the signal but I am not sure if that would fix the issue. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    Here is the wiring diagram:

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