Pioneer vsx 822k- ARC problem

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    I had my cable box connected directly to my LG tv(7600 series) through HDMI and an optical cable going from my TV directly to my pioneer receiver (vsx 822k). I would set my receiver to the "TV" input and the sound worked fine. I could switch from regular television shows to Netflix seamlessly without changing the input on my receiver (I just kept it on "TV') without any problems. I am using the netflix that is on the LG tv (the netflix app on tv). I liked this because my wife and kids could run the system without any confusion. Here is where the problem comes in. I switched everything over to HDMI. Now I have and HDMI cable going from my cable box directly to my reciver in (cable/sat input) and and HDMI going from the receiver "out" to directly to my TV. So now i turn my receiver on the cable/sat input to listen to the TV. Sound works fine... The problem is when I load up the Netflix app and watch a Netflix movie, I have to switch my receiver's input to "tv" to hear sound from Netflix. I know this isn't that big of a deal but I would like to be able to just keep my input on cable/sat without switching back and forth. I want it like it was before. Is this possible to do? Thanks for any help.
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    The receiver is working as designed, the hub for all sources with one (or more) TV out. There is no way to avoid having to change inputs on the receiver.

    Have you looked into getting a universal remote? You can program it to turn on devices and change inputs as needed. Best of all, you can put away all the other remotes and not have to worry about your settings getting changed by accident. Logitech Harmony offers a web interface wizard that takes the pain out of the programming process.

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