NanoHiFi PNH-2200 Portable Desktop Audio System Review

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    It's easy to find a desktop system for your home or office. But it is hard to find one that sounds really great. NanoHiFi has put together a portable desktop audio system that aims to do just that - sound great. Depending on the model you get, you may have access to just FM and USB (as well as external sources) or you can bump up to a CD player or even a CD with a Bluetooth connection. While we had some issues with the NanoHiFi PNH-2200, one thing we didn't have a problem with is the sound. The sound quality is rich, lush, and agnostic of placement. For some, that will more than justify the price. For people that don't want to fiddle with the Bluetooth, read on to find out if the NanoHiFi is for you.

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