Logitech Squeezebox Problems

Discussion in 'Home Theater PC (HTPC) & Media Servers' started by fmw, Mar 28, 2013.

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    I have two of the original Squeezeboxes that I used to stream audio from my computer network to my home theater. They have both stopped working. Neither one will connect to my WiFi router any longer. I'm not sure there is any hope because Logitech, apparently, doesn't support it any longer. I'm wondering if someone has a suggestion for streaming MP3 files to my AV Receiver (Pioneer Elite VSX-92TXH.) I'm not interested in internet streaming. I just want to able to listen to my music - located on one of my hard drives - on my A/V system. Any thoughts?
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    If both of them stopped working simultaneously I would look into configuration/network issues.

    I see a couple of paths you could take.

    1. Buy an Oppo 103, it allows streaming music and has an iphone app(which I have not used) but realistically, it works best with a screen on.
    2. Purchase one of the older squeezeboxes from Ebay, such as the Squeezebox 3 or Touch. I've got both of those and they work very nicely and use the same software you're used to.
    3. Buy into Logitechs new UE Smart Radio. It has a headphone output which could be plugged into your receiver and it can run a crippled form of the Squeezebox server software called "UE Music Library". While it is crude, it should support your needs pretty easily and there is also an iphone/ipad app that I believe works with it. It does require a broadband connection at all times (not standalone like LMS).

    UE Smart Radio - Wi-Fi Music Player & Digital Media Receiver - Logitech

    I'm not sure what other competing solutions there are like Sonos. I primarily stream FLAC files from my home server so handling that in a high quality manner is my chief criteria.

    good luck,

    P.S. If you are in the Apple ecosystem, then another approach would be something like an Airport Express. It can stream music from itunes on a computer to speakers. It also is a nice wireless solution.
    Apple - AirPort Express - A powerful little Wi-Fi base station.
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    I have two squeezebox touches and a squeezebox radio. All three of the devices work well and can access both my music files and internet content. It's too bad that logitech stopped making and supporting squeezebox products because they were great. Apple provides as the previous poster pointed out a pretty cost effective means of streaming music. One (potential) downside is that you have to use iTunes and you will want to use an external dac with an airport express or apple TV and a mini toslink to toslink cable because it doesn't sound that great if you use a minijack cable. After that there are a number of choices. Audioengine D2 wireless dac is well regarded and does hi res files. Or you could try one of the usual suspects (Marantz NA 7004 which shows up on accessories4less on a regular basis or the pricier new cambridge stream magic 6). The dac part of the stream magic 6 is the same as the cambridge dacmagic plus and I like my dacmagic plus a lot.

    Edit: I'd also check out the Grace digital products which are pretty reasonable in price like this, Amazon.com: Grace Digital Wireless Hi-fi Internet Radio Tuner featuring Pandora and NPR (GDI-IRDT200): Electronics
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    If both stopped working then as jotham stated it's not the squeezebox. I'd reboot both the wireless router and once it comes up, the squeezeboxes.

    Yeah, it seems kind of crazy that Logitech would discontinue these products, I have both original and Touch and have a hard time perceiving life without either.

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