G-CUBE Audio BH-860 Series Bluetooth Headphones Preview

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    The G-CUBE BH-860s are Bluetooth enabled with all the latest formats and codecs including HSP, HFP, A2DP, and AVRC. With Bluetooth v3.0, the G-CUBE BH-860s brag faster transfer rates and incorporated aptX technology for near CD quality bit rates. In addition, the G-CUBE BH-860s can connect with up to 2 Bluetooth devices at a time. The G-CUBE BH-860s have a 24 hour battery life, are HD Voice ready, and sport an integrated six setting EQ. They collapse down for easy transport in the included case, have an integrated mic with wind and outside noise canceling, and have an Uppercase 'G' on the side. Uppercase is better than lower case, right?

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